Trafalgar Tours

Trafalgar has been creating exceptional, hassle-free guided vacations for almost 70 years. With more than 250 trips to worldwide destinations, including Europe, North, Central and South America, Australia, New Zealand, and Asia, Trafalgar continues to offer new ways to travel every year.

In fact, you now have a choice of 11 trip styles with Trafalgar. Choose from regional immersion, family friendly or the classic multi-country Discoveries to their relaxed-pace At Leisure and brand new Hidden Journeys which takes travelers to less-visited places in groups of no more than 26 guests.

And when you travel with Trafalgar and you won’t just see the world from a new perspective, you’ll experience it too. They’ll take you deeper into the destination with their unique Insider Experiences to introduce you to locals who share specific aspects of their culture, cuisine and history, bringing the destination to life.

Plus, each trip is hand crafted to offer you the perfect balance of planned sightseeing and free time. With all the usual travel hassles taken care of, Trafalgar makes vacations what they should be – the best you ever had.

What sets Trafalgar apart?

  • Real Insiders: No one has been able to come close to establishing anything like Trafalgar’s network of local characters, from chefs and artisans t historians, farmers and even taxi drivers. You’ll eat with them, drink with them and listen to their stories.
  • Real Choice: Trafalgar offers more destinations and more types of vacations than any other guided travel operator.
  • Real Flexibility: There’s always an element of free time and flexibility built-in, and there’s often a range of Optional Experiences to choose from.
  • Real Ease: You’ll be a VIP with Trafalgar. Enjoy exclusive access to selected sights, avoid lines at major attractions, stay in carefully selected hotels, benefit from luggage porterage and relax knowing your Travel Director is there to handle all of the usual hassles associated with traveling.

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